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Our sustainability vision

BioLargo is not a company that strains to align itself with global sustainability priorities. Ours is a company that was built from the ground up to create solutions to some of the world's toughest environmental and social challenges. From remediation of water contaminated with PFAS "forever chemicals" to development of safe, affordable long duration energy storage systems, everything we work on is designed to make a more sustainable future and make life better for future generations.

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What are the UN SDGs?

Started in 2015, the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals are a global call to action to unite industry, government, academia, and non-profits to work together to achieve concrete goals to protect the planet and improve living conditions around the world for generations to come. 

Read below to learn how BioLargo's different technologies and projects are contributing to the UN's SDGs.

Hover over a tile to learn more about how BioLargo is supporting the UN SDGs!

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